N o field is untouched by the gloomy requirement of consumer reviews. Right from the clothes you wear, the shoes you bought, the perfume you like till the doctor you met and treatment he suggests. This is real crazy now. People have started writing reviews about the doctors as well now. They do suggest their own experiences by lengthy discussions with people online. It has been found that more than 42 percent of the people have started referring to the reviews about the hospitals and the doctors now.

It has created a big time fuss as compared to earlier years of business for the doctors and hospitals. Patients referring to online reviews of the doctors and the treatment have turned a big time headache for the business now. They are facing an additional layer of challenge apart from the growing competition now. How do they tackle this? Techavation has created a survey to find the real insights of the people reaction about their views. As per our survey reports we have found the following conclusions:

  • Patients Like To Be Heard: There is typically a bubble of confusion around this profession that doctors don’t listen. This is probably one of the rising causes of de-growth in the business of the medical profession. People have shown their enthusiasm towards the doctors who have been curious enough to listen calmly.
  • Doctors Are On Top Of Our Mind: The numbers of the reviews for the doctors has outnumbered the reviews for the nurses. People have started posting about the reviews of the doctors and the feedback about their treatment as well. While it has been helpful for most of patients however also is killing business for most.
  • Worthy Or Unworthy: Apart from the feedback and reviews, people have also started picking and writing about the worthiness of the expenditure. Medical treatment is very costly these days in nearly all the private hospitals. Are they really worth shedding money or not is another hot topic being referred by the people now.

The conclusion is transparent enough to find the results. People are fairly conscious now as compared to earlier days. It is a good supplement for the patients however an added challenge for the doctors, nurses, other hospital staffs and management now. Techavation lets you easily figure out the menace. We help our clients (hospitals) to find their flaws and act in support to concrete their position. Consumer in our case patient is the king. It is important to keep them happy. Techavation help brand socialize and capitalize their efforts by maximizing their outreach with people. We also help them strengthen their brand presence for a stronger consumer positive feedback.