Are you fed up of bad listing under your business name? Are you worries about your clients and shrinking business? Is the threat of online bad reputation killing you from inside? Well it is a common scenario with nearly every business owner today. People are facing similar issues everywhere. They are fighting the injustice of bad reputation and online bad links under their business or personal name. Few of them manage to conquer the battle however most of them fail to do so.  The tendency of shutting down the business is very common amongst people.

What most of them fail to find is a reliable solution for their problem. Most of them fail to find the absolute protection of their business identity.  For all such similar referral cases struggling to fight the heat of bad links Techavation is the solution. It is a benchmark platform known for its wide angled and available services for all kind of businesses. We have claimed expertize under risk coverage of online reputation. We have the crowned experience of working with some of the best known and familiar brands of the industries. Our services have helped many business owners optimize their growth flawlessly. Our business solution includes:

  • Data Analysis: While building the plans for the action it is very important to find the gaps. The plan can only be successful when the actual scenario has been understood. Our team carefully analyses the entire platform where the bad links, reviews and listing is present to accordingly build the plan for you.
  • Online Reviews: Our primary aim relies in removing these bad reviews from these sites to start afresh for our clients. We start building and writing positive reviews to create a fresh platform for the business/individual.
  • Social Media Optimization: We manage your social media presence across all the social media platforms. Our team specializes in managing campaign for our clients to boost their social growth and help them conquer their bad image. We aim to totally regenerate the image of our clients.
  • Business Survey: Post deploying the plan we keep doing surveys to find the hit and success rate for the client. We find data to analyze the actual growth, predicted growth and the variance. It helps us remodel plans where ever required.

Techavation has a discrete way of handling things. For all the people suffering from similar trauma is requested to get in touch with our teammates today.