Internet industry has seen a huge popularity in last 2 decades of operation. With social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, etc. piling up communication has become very easier. The communication gap has suddenly gone down. It is much easier to connect and network with people on personal or professional background. With fairly high volume of internet and its users one of the biggest reasons to worry is internet scams.

Cybercrime has stretched its wings in various lucrative ways and duped many people online. These scams have caught and conned many innocent people and business professionals. Few celebrities were also a part of the internet fraud chain.

Some of the well-known and found internet scams are as follows:

  • Foreign Lottery Scam: This is probably one of the most common internet scams. Congratulatory messages in our spam box claiming us to be a winner of million dollar prize money is not a rare witnessed scenario. These fraud mailers are plotted with rosy stories which are sent to internet users in bulk.
  • Survey Scams: Internet survey for global warming, product reviews, war crisis, world economy, etc. are sent on internet requesting you to share your views and personal information there by. These email surveys are malicious by nature and spam your email box once opened and answered.
  • Internet Banking/Credit Card Scams: Often times scammer do send email in the name of the bank asking you to verify your personal information & banking information like: Credit card number, CVV, expiration, etc.
  • Shopping Scams: Emails claiming you to be a winner of a shopping fest in your city. Pay online the minimum bill to avail the offer and get unlimited access to products.
  • Social Media Scams: Many people have been cheated on Facebook and Twitter as well. Fraudsters claim to make them rich and offer them profitable business venture partnerships.

With rising number of such cases many people have been caught in similar scams. It not only damages their wealth however it also risks their online identity threat. Techavation helps its clients to recover their online identity from such cases. We have a good hold on internet business and believe in operating secretly. Techavation offers consultancy services for our clients to help them awaken and protect themselves from being caught in online scams. We offer solutions for complete identity protection online. Internet scammers and hackers are professionally finding ways to fish people and their businesses. It’s high time for you to consult an expert at Techavation today.