Techavation has not only helped businesses however we have also helped multiple people under bad online influence. One of our clients in his late 30’s was occupied under similar contextual problem. He started off his own company with a small capital. His company scaled up pretty well in couple of years and investors started showing interest in his online platform.

With funds getting raised for his startup and business giants, banks and investors putting in money the business went bigger however his own stock went limited. The company added multiple channel partners controlling the business decisions. He was one of the partners for the complete organization with a percentage of share and authority to contribute towards the business development.

A black day of his career took all from him and left him with moment of surprise. He was shamefully sacked from the position of managing partner of the company. The reason was confidential. On later being discussed he told that his partners doubted his business commitment. They also doubt him for playing conspiracy and leaking important business secrets to their competitors which is probably one of the reasons why they were facing losses sales drop down.

The problem was not as simple as it was comprehended. How could a business partner be parted from his own startup company? What made them believe he was the reason behind the losses?  It was a case to be investigated. With bit of bare facts being found, it was found that his name was ill promoted on internet for having business terms with competitors as well. His pictures while shaking hands with people were altered to present him for wrong reason. Most of the local bloggers took him for ride as well and posted blogs about him confirming his illicit business relationships with competitors without identifying any source. These were several reasons behind his sack from the company.

Under this situation Techavation helped him gain his lost identity back. Techavation also prepared a  working plan for him to get his bad links repaired as well as removed permanently first, In the later stage we also promoted as well as cross promoted his entrepreneurial stories on how he scaled his business. The idea really worked well. In couple of weeks of our operations his company and partners requested him to rejoin back with an apology letter in written presented to him. His  situation calmed down and now he is finally operating well and back in business.