Cybercrime is a growing headache now. The online fraud, scams and nuisances has grown up so much that every year more than 600 million dollar worth revenue is floated and compromised in online scams. Online scams and frauds has nearly doubled and tripled year by year in last decade of operations. Most of these scammers use social media as a medium to con people. There are many who fall as a prey for them and end up losing money.


As per a survey conducted 54 percent of the people believe that cyber-crime is a bigger threat to them than the physical crime. The worst offense about cyber bully is unmasked scammers. People don’t report or take actions against cybercrime. Every year millions of dollars are spent by government and NGO’s in cyber protection programs to help people conquer. Many awareness programs were also made but none of them could actually work effectively.

Burglars spy on people via social media and find the weakest link of the chain. They start tracking every personal movement and find ways to knock down. Security concerns have started moving up as fraudsters are using spyware software to track the smart phone of the users.


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