A very famous construction company got trapped in the defamation by their rivals. They started being known for bad reason in online market. They required negative links of removal against them. Many false allegations were wide spread against them for over charging money, non-determined possession of residential flats, cheap construction material being used. A loss of a potential client meant a huge loss for them. The business started shrinking for them. The financial institution also stopped lending them money for their business projects. Techavation digital PR firm understood their problem and overtook the situation. Within 15 days of our project handling the crisis ended for them and situation started getting better after a month for them. They closed few warm leads and finally recovered their old losses from the market.
A well-known health care business surfaced hard time last year after being misrepresented in the market with false claims and forged reports against them. The situation went worse post they started losing their staff and business in the market. They came close at the verge of shutting down. Techavation online reputation management helped them customized solution for helping them gain their lost online image. We not only remove negative links from google however also gave them additional services for remodeling their website and ranking their name on search engines across various search keywords. They have made good progress post their recovery from the business bump.