1. What is online reputation management?
ORM or online reputation management is all about restructuring your online presence. Businesses facing a hardship battle with weak online presence get treated under ORM. The sole aim is to counter your negative online image by seeding positive makeover.

2. How can I fix old incorrect online information about my company?
It requires a strategy to be fixed permanently. Ideally the cause needs to be determined before implementing the tactical strategy. It requires a professional touchup to heal such issues.

3. Can I Have an Online Photograph of Me Removed or Replaced?
Yes, it can be easily done. It requires a formal strategy before heading toward an approach to fix it. The unwanted pictures can be easily removed from all sources.

4. Are search engines important for an online reputation?
Search engine carries the information further ultimately connecting people with your business. Negative information about your company may deter its growth permanently. Search engines are messengers traversing information from one node to another. It is important to manage the hygiene equation before meeting the unwanted expense.

5. Who are the major search engines that affect online reputations?
There are many search engines available for searches however the boarder ones used today are Google, MSN, Yahoo, Bing, ASK, etc. Google is used on a broader network across all of them.

6. How long does it take for reputation management to work?
The task fairly depends on the length and depth of the damage. The amount of negative links impacting the business may decide how long it would take to cure them. Ideally the result begins within a weak however may take longer up to a year in severe cases.

7. Why does it take so long?
The process of online reputation management includes combustible sub processes to be completed before hand. Removal of bad links is an authoritative task which decides the search rank of your business. It needs time to fix them wholly.

8. Should I just hire a lawyer?
A removal of negative online review is beyond their approach. It needs a tactical mind set and analytical reputation management skills to off lately control the complete process. A lawyer may only help while suggesting the legal obligations. It may take years to round off the complete issue legally, it may permanently damage the business in between.

9. Why should I trust your services?
Techavation comes with a wide business experience under core ORM. We have handled multiple ORM cases under various business clients. Our aim is to justify your online presence and fill up the empty pots. Our team majorly focuses on detailing while handling such projects.

10. How do I know which package suits me best?
We shall help you while deciding the most suitable package as per your business requirement. Custom redesigned packages are also available for specific business needs.

11: How long it will take to see the results of your reputation management?
Reputation management is a long drawn process. The result will surely not show up in a day or two. There are tons of factors involved while deciding the image makeover. Right from keywords, domain, site links, page load, etc., every aspect under ORM has its own weightage.
The result may be slightly time taking however it is completely worth it.