A newly established online e-commerce fashion store was having a hard time dealing with business challenges in the market. In the midway of the competition the owner of the retail fashion store faced an online identity theft crisis. His name was misused online and false allegations and rumors were spread wide across his name.   Techavation the digital PR company helped Charlie Brown (Business Owner) in gaining back his old reputation online. We also helped in dealing with the pressure of making an online image in the market. Our online experts of ORM industry helped him in his business recovery from the faulty situation.
A well-known health care business surfaced hard time last year after being misrepresented in the market with false claims and forged reports against them. The situation went worse post they started losing their staff and business in the market. They came close at the verge of shutting down.  Techavation online reputation management helped them customized solution for helping them gain their lost online image. We not only remove negative links from google however also gave them additional services for remodeling their website and ranking their name on search engines across various search keywords. They have made good progress post their recovery from the business bump.
A very famous construction company got trapped in the defamation by their rivals. They started being known for bad reason in online market. They required negative links of removal against them. Many false allegations were wide spread against them for over charging money, non-determined possession of residential flats, cheap construction material being used. A loss of a potential client meant a huge loss for them. The business started shrinking for them. The financial institution also stopped lending them money for their business projects. Techavation digital PR firm understood their problem and overtook the situation. Within 15 days of our project handling the crisis ended for them and situation started getting better after a month for them. They closed few warm leads and finally recovered their old losses from the market.

A downhill restaurant was very famous for their non-veg food items. They had all the best items in their menu and were doing really well until one day their business shacked completely. The restaurant manager found the sudden de-growth in their business. Upon investigating further they found that the incident started online after negative reviews & comments against their food. Several posts on blogs were found against their restaurant & food items. It created a panic for the restaurant staff as their business was shrinking day by day. They contacted Techavation for immediate negative reviews & comments removal. Without wasting time further we built an actionable plan for them.

We ran various campaigns to change the mindset of the people. Upon removal of all the dirty bad links online, a repeated process of brand building was churned. In a short span of month their business picked and now they are making more than they used to earn earlier. They are also planning to expand their business by further adding more vertical units.


A nonprofit organization dealt heavy time after being caught in the shameful scam in the market. It really tarnished their online image and in the end they had to face hard time dealing with new clients. They desperately required a digital PR. It is very difficult to survive in the market especially for a nonprofit organization whose business and collection runs under their good book image. They were at the stage of final foreclosure when they consulted us. Techavation helped them recover their bad online image, remove Google suggestions and draw back the bad online links present on various blogs and websites. We helped them big time in coming to the market and recovering their lost leg of their business.

One of our existing clients includes a CEO of an organization. He required Online Privacy Protetction as he was dragged in a fraud against a MNC. His name was mentioned & nearly dragged in every corner of the web space. He was facing a hard time dealing with the complete menace until he contacted Techavation for negative PR news removal. We understood his situation and proactively dealt with his situation. Without wasting time we took the situation under control and started immediately dealing with the bad links for him. We got rid of bad influenced content and bad links for him online in shorter duration and also overtook his image over turn online. His image was finally recovered from the bad phase of internet deed.

A well-known NGO caught mistakenly in the scam of black money scam for the clients. The reputed NGO was working for orphanage kids’ education and required removal of negative links from Google. After being caught in such a shameful image shredding swindle it nearly became impossible for them to deal further. The entire existing clients were lost by the NGO. The good book image of the NGO was also lost in the market leading to harsh time for them. Techavation tactfully charged the case for them. We understood the gravity of the situation and removed Google suggestions.

It took us time to rebuild their business right from the scratch however we over loaded their image back in the market. They were performing really well now and practically doing better than before now after online privacy protection.

A well placed 5 star hotel in the mid of the city was once caught in the conversation due to wrong plotted reason. A social media community page took them for over charging on their food bills and low quality of taste and hygiene. The business of the hotel got dumped sooner in a week’s time. It was a red alert situation for them as they nearly lost their most favorable clients of all time.

This place was often visited by VIPs and VVIPs. It was amongst well settled property in town however due to this post on social media, the complete scenario turned around for them. Techavation’s team of image experts started building a viral campaign to clear negative & build positive online brand. We also ran several campaigns on live public voting to cast their honest reviews helpful in negative PR news removal. After 2 weeks of our hard work we could finally build a working route map for them. Our team built a very successful profitable venture for them. Post the campaign end the hotel finally made good business and was in lime light again.

A very famous online store was duped online on various posts by public comments. People started posting false allegations about over charging of commodity and non-returning policy of the online store. It was easy for the people to comment however due to such posts on social media sites the business was hampered big-time for them. People started coming less on the website. The manager of the store observed a sudden dip in the traffic as well as the business of the store.

This situation was quiet a worry for the complete management of the brand and they desperately needed a solution for negative listings to be removed. Techavation was the lookout for them. We not only help them gain an upfront image in the market, we also built their market big time. No later a month’s time the lost traffic started coming back to their website and this time they also observed an incremental increase in audience engagement.

A world leading bank in the city was once caught in the fight of a bad rapport and bad reviews. They were seeking ways for removing complaints. Most of their account holders were turning back due to the overheard statements of the people that the bank charges aimlessly to their account holders. They have no stand in market and poor build in the financial sector. A cloud hoax allegation was enough to stone their business image. It literally tied them up big time.

The bank lost many account holders and people started losing their faith on the bank. All their savings and deposits were withdrawn from the bank which in turn gambled their business. Our professional team of image makeover experts reviewed their situation closely and enacted accordingly for elevation of positive content. We were slightly scared as well due to the market strength and image at stake of the client however we handled it professionally. It took us nearly 3 months to re build the old working business situation for them. They bounced in business after that.

One of the most well-known and un-paralleled HR service once stuck the illusion under bad influence in market. They gathered a need of suppression of negative comment, bad reviews & complaint. The HR service company was known to be working with big banner clients like At&t, Palmolive, Apple, British Telecom, Samsung, etc.

The firm was dragged in an unhealthy complain of few unscrupulous activities against them. It took away their gained image in market and they couldn’t sustain in business after this. Client started losing faith in them and most of them left them mid-way. Digital PR firm Techavation over shadowed their bad image in market and helped them regain their lost old vital position in market. They survived back against expectations and regained all old clients back in competition.