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Case Studies

A very famous construction company got trapped in the defamation by their rivals. They started being known for bad reason in online market. They required negative links of removal against them. Many false allegations were wide spread against them for over charging money, non-determined possession of residential flats, cheap construction material being used. A loss [...]

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Bad Company Reviews on Yelp/ Ripoff? Let Us Conclude

It is distinguishly awesome to be a part of an online business. Most of us are entrepreneur at heart and likes to work out on our own ideas and grow our business. The idea of startups is indulging more in the mind of the people today. They feel much comfortable in running their own business [...]

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Basics Of Online Reputation Management

A good online reputation is a valuable asset for any organization. As a business person it is one of the first approaches for any business manager to manage the online reputation of the company. The majority of the efforts are always spent while building the brand in front of the people. The accounts manager of [...]

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Attention Doctors, Need Urgent Reputation

N o field is untouched by the gloomy requirement of consumer reviews. Right from the clothes you wear, the shoes you bought, the perfume you like till the doctor you met and treatment he suggests. This is real crazy now. People have started writing reviews about the doctors as well now. They do suggest [...]

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Charged Off Without Any Reason, Entrepreneur Seeks ORM Help!

T echavation has not only helped businesses however we have also helped multiple people under bad online influence. One of our clients in his late 30’s was occupied under similar contextual problem. He started off his own company with a small capital. His company scaled up pretty well in couple of years and investors started [...]

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Corporate Crisis Communication Plan

O nline fraudulent cases are too obvious these days. It won’t be an uncommon if a business dips in an unwanted situation. A major/minor crisis can happen anytime and anywhere with any business or business person. Let’s face it and stay prepared to randomly handle it calmly. During a crisis situation it majorly becomes very [...]

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Benchmark Services At A Glance

A re you fed up of bad listing under your business name? Are you worries about your clients and shrinking business? Is the threat of online bad reputation killing you from inside? Well it is a common scenario with nearly every business owner today. People are facing similar issues everywhere. They are fighting the injustice [...]

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Common Internet Scams – How To Safeguard?

I nternet industry has seen a huge popularity in last 2 decades of operation. With social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+, etc. piling up communication has become very easier. The communication gap has suddenly gone down. It is much easier to connect and network with people on personal or professional background. With [...]

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Demand The Best Privacy Action Today

Y our privacy needs the best action. The best of the class approach for protecting your valuable data from any vulnerable action is most required at the moment. Most of the business owners tend to ignore the importance of online preventive action initially and once being caught in trap starts finding the preventive measures. It [...]

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Don’t Breed Cyber Thieves, Hire An Expert Today!

C ybercrime is a growing headache now. The online fraud, scams and nuisances has grown up so much that every year more than 600 million dollar worth revenue is floated and compromised in online scams. Online scams and frauds has nearly doubled and tripled year by year in last decade of operations. Most of these [...]

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